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Born in the 60s, combining the use of simple machinery and a great passion for detail, the owner of Mada leather goods has made a big name for himself amongst the international luxury brands. Innovative design and supreme craftsmanship distinguish Dario Romani® with his family and team on the world market.

Italian luxury handbags affordable for anyone. That’s what we are about!


Every day Dario Romani and his team are dedicated to conceiving, designing and creating fashion accessories, paying particular attention to aesthetics, raw materials and the manufacture of the product. State-of-the-art equipment, all-Italian know-how, continuous research into materials and attention to minimise the cost of production, these are the building blocks that allow us to realise our company mission day after day.

All with an eye to sustainability and respect for the environment. We are 100% green: we use only chrome and metal free raw materials exclusively from sustainable farms, and clean energy derived from photovoltaics and biomass.


The Dario Romani ®  brand aspires to become a reference point for Italian fashion in the luxury handbag sector, listening to customers to satisfy their needs and desires.


For us, creating bags means making beauty and quality [more] accessible to everyone: fine materials, refined design, craftsmanship and attention to detail. All 100% made in Italy in a small family business that values and preserves tradition. We believe in complete transparency in the processing of products and in the approach to business. FOR 40 YEARS we have been creating handbags alongside the most important brands. We use our experience of the luxury market in the firm belief that beauty should not be a privilege for a few, but for many. Last but not least, we promote the value of being Italian, from style to manufacturing.

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