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Orders will be accepted only if in writing and sent by email, with completion of all the fields of the format detailed in the internet site The technical information contained there may be subject to change without notice.

The company Mada snc di Dario Romani & C reserves the right to assess and accept orders on-line by sending an order confirmation.


All the prices in the price list are in Euro and include VAT. All the prices in the pricelist above may be updated automatically without notice except in the case of orders in progress or processed. Clients must make payment following the procedures indicated in the internet site.


Mada di Dario Romani & C reserves the right to process orders including part processing with multiple deliveries unless the purchaser makes express request for complete processing indicating a specific date by which a single shipment is to be received.


The purchaser undertakes to check the completeness and quality of the product purchased at the time of delivery, releasing Mada snc di Dario Romani & C from all liability arising from any dispute with the final user of the products purchased.

It is understood that
Mada snc di Dario Romani & C assumes responsibility, according to the warranty clause, exclusively in regard to the client and direct purchaser, who in turn assumes all responsibility for communicating and explaining to any of their purchasers the extent to which Mada snc di Dario Romani & C is responsible and these general conditions of sale.

The conditions contained in this document may be changed without notice and will be valid at the date of publication in the Internet site.


The commercial relations between Mada snc di Dario Romani & C and the purchasers are regulated exclusively by the following general conditions of sale, excluding any and all other agreements unless agreed in writing. For all matters not covered and also in regard to interpretation of the conditions Italian law will be applicable. For all disputes that may arise regarding the application, fulfilment, interpretation of the contract or the general contract conditions, the Court of Teramo, Italy, will have jurisdiction, subject to the protection guaranteed the consumer client by the mandatory provisions of the law of the country in which he resides or is domiciled.

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